Determine your ring size

How to quickly and easily identify your ring size:

It is very important to identify your ideal ring size, because with this choice is both the good and pleasant wearing comfort and the loss of the ring secured. Please identify your individual ring size carefully before buying a new ring.

In Germany there are two different sizes for rings: The inner diameter and the inner periphery

Determination of the inside diameter of ring:

The easiest way to measure this is to measure the diameter from an existing well-fitting ring with hand. Place the ring on a tape measure or ruler. Ideally you have a caliper. Determine the inside diameter in millimeters and you have your individual ring size. 

Determination of ring inner circumference:

A very good way to determine your ideal ring size is to measure your finger circumference. This corresponds to the inner circumference of the ring and is more accurate than the measurement of the inner diameter with the caliper.

The optimum ring size without an existing ring:

Please insert a thread or a twine tightly around your finger at the point where you want to wear the ring. You can do the same with a piece of paper. Now mark the exact end point and finally measure the length of the strip or thread in millimeters up to the mark. Now you have found the ring inside circumference of your new ring.

Please note:

  • Measure accurately the finger where you want to wear the ring because the circumference of fingers from the right and the left hand can vary widely.
  • In the course of the day your ring size is changing
  • Also in the course of your life your ring size is changing too, for example after a pregnancy, diet or diseases. That’s why you shouldn´t trust a size that you have determined in the past.
  • Also the season has influence on the finger extensive. In summer fingers are getting thicker than in winter. As higher the temperature gets as thicker become the fingers.
  • For a perfect wear feeling you should take by thicker rings 1 or 2 sizes bigger than by smaller rings.

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