Care instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your GILARDY jewellery!

To ensure that you enjoy your new piece for a long time, we would like to give you a few valuable tips on jewellery care and cleaning.

How do you care for your GILARDY jewellery properly?

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a very resistant material that needs little care to give you many years of wearing pleasure. Despite its very high hardness, small traces of wear may appear over time. However, this is much less than with silver or gold jewellery, for example. Care for your stainless steel jewellery regularly under lukewarm water with light soap or hand dishwashing liquid. Use a sponge or even a soft toothbrush to clean the inside of lettering, for example. If you have the opportunity, take the jewellery to a jeweller or optician for professional ultrasonic cleaning.

GILARDY stainless steel jewellery is available in the colours dark grey, black, rose gold and yellow gold with a high-quality PVD coating. Here, a very hard coating surrounds the stainless steel. This coloured material coating is very scratch-resistant and durable. In the course of time, supposed "scratches" can form on it, but they are not scratches. Other, softer metals such as silver, gold, etc. rub off on the very hard PVD and leave some of themselves as marks. These can be polished away at any time in a goldsmith's workshop. Please ask our customer service for more information.


We produce GILARDY high-tech ceramic at a temperature of over 1,300 degrees Celsius. This extraordinary material offers not only a very high scratch resistance but also a beautiful, high-quality shine. Care for and clean this material under lukewarm water with light soap or a gentle hand dishwashing detergent. Use a sponge or cloth as an aid. To preserve any 18K white or yellow gold lettering, we advise against using a toothbrush.


Silver has the property that it reacts with oxygen and tarnishes black. This normal chemical reaction is called oxidation.

As a rule, silver jewellery polishes itself through friction when worn. However, some cosmetics, as well as salt and chlorinated water, can cause the silver to tarnish.

Applying and gently rubbing toothpaste or mild soap will make your jewellery shine again. For hard-to-reach areas, a hot salt water bath in which the jewellery is wrapped in aluminium foil is recommended. Then rub with a soft cloth to bring out the shine.

A simple, effective and gentle method of care is to use specially coated silver cleaning cloths that can be bought in drugstores or supermarkets. Smooth, slightly dirty or tarnished silver surfaces can be cleaned well with these.


Besides the usual chemical cleaning baths and cloths from the drugstore, there are other ways to care for your gold jewellery.

As with silver jewellery, gold can also be cleaned with toothpaste. Gently apply the cream and let it take effect, scrub gently and then rinse off and polish to a shine.

Tabs for cleaning dentures also make gold shine again. A bath in them overnight will clean them as if by magic. Rinse well in clear water and polish with a soft cloth.

For minor dirt, a soap bath with normal dishwashing detergent is also effective and cares for the surface. It dissolves dust, oil and grease. Rinse the jewellery well with water and dry it with a soft cloth.

For elaborate gold jewellery with precious stones or pearls, we recommend professional cleaning by a jeweller or optician. Here, the jewellery is professionally cleaned so that the precious stones or pearls are not damaged.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via the contact form, by e-mail at info(at) or via the telephone hotline +49 89 - 930 83 88 77. We look forward to your enquiry!